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Get Motivated To Play The Guitar

For many budding musicians across the world, the hardest part of learning a new instrument is the start, as many find simply throwing themselves into something completely new and unknown to be frightening. This unfortunately results in a lot of people giving up before they’ve even begun. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the best ways to motivate yourself to play the guitar.


First of all, the guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world, appearing on some of the most well known songs in the world. Learning an instrument so popular will allow you to play a range of different musical genres including, pop, jazz, rock and blues. Playing the guitar has also been proven to relieve stress and lower blood pressure, which will drastically improve your overall quality of life. What’s more, if you enrol in a course at Trill Route Music Academy, you will be joining a vast community of like minded individuals who want to expand their musical knowledge, meaning there will be plenty of opportunities to meet new people, and make new friends.

One of the biggest obstacles people face when beginning something new is finding the time to dedicate oneself to the task at hand. The best way to overcome this is to ask yourself - Do I really want to do this? If the answer is yes, then the preparations can begin. Make sure your practise space is clear of any distractions - No TV, phone or games consoles, as it only takes a split second lapse in concentration until you are staring at a screen again!


In order to motivate yourself to play the guitar you need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Do you want to be able to play your favourite songs? Do you want to write new music? Make a list of what

you want to learn and how you expect to achieve it, so that you will have a constant reminder of your goals at hand if you ever feel underwhelmed with your progress.

You should also seek to surround yourself with music, which you can do by regularly listening to your favourite bands and musicians. This will give you a good idea of the type of player you should aim to be. In addition, keep in touch with musicians across the world by joining music forums online, so that you can discuss a range of different music related topics, and exchange your ideas with professionals and beginners alike. Some of the top forums include:

Here at Trill Route Music academy, we offer a range of different guitar courses for all ages and abilities. One of our best courses for those just starting their guitar learning is the full beginners programme, which will teach you a range of different techniques and disciplines, such as playing chords, fingering exercises and music theory. Each week will include 3 hours of tuition and will run for 6 months, with students praising the teaching and structure of the course. To sign up, please click Here.


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