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Learn to play piano & keys with us

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Contemporary curriculum
Live one on one & duo classes
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Ensemble and recitals
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Piano & keys lessons

Starting at ₹675 per session

Piano & keys lessons for kids

One on one & Duo

Age 7 to 12

At center & online

Basics of piano & keys for all age

One on one & Duo

Age 12+

At center & online

Learn piano & keys as a hobby

One on one & Duo

Age 12+

At center & online

Late beginner pianist

One on one & Duo

Age 12+

At center & online

Learn intermediate piano & keys

One on one & Duo

Age 12+

At center & online

Performing, but wants to improve

One on one

Age 18+

At center & online


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​Student Reviews

Indeed the best place to learn music and very honest institute. Thank you Junias sir for guiding me and motivating me with the quality of your teaching that inspired me to fulfil my desire of learning and playing piano. You proved it that learning has no age :) Thanks a lot.

Gayathri Amarnath


My daughter has been taking keyboard classes at Trill Route for nearly 5 months.Junias sir has been very supportive. Thank you sir...It was during last year's summer camp at TR that my daughter had her first experience with the musical instruments and her musical journey started. Aarabhy ma'am noticed her interest and encouraged her to learn keyboard. Today my daughter enjoys her keyboard sessions. Definitely a great place to learn music.

Avarine Fernandez


"I thought I was gonna learn a bit about playing Piano but now, i have learned a huge amount about 'Music' as a whole.They have inspired me to learn more about playing Piano and giving me the liberty to be creative and express myself in a productive way.Truly this one of the best course that I have taken so far. Thank you Jithu (Piano Faculty) for the awesome sessions and for giving such a good experience.#Trill_Route_Rocks#"

Sabreena Tamia


Contemporary curriculum

Contemporary music education allows students to engage with current musical styles, helping them to connect with their peers and stay relevant in today's rapidly evolving musical landscape. This promotes teamwork, communication, and social skills, as students collaborate on group projects, perform in ensembles, and provide constructive feedback to one another. 

Learn theory required for the modern ways and know how to apply them to different musical contexts.

Music theory

Develop command on your instrument of choice, through exercises that improve your dexterity and accuracy.

Technical studies

Learn a variety of pieces from different musical styles and genres, ranging from classical to contemporary.


What Sets Us Apart

Understand the rich cultural context that gave rise to various musical styles, and how they shape contemporary music.

Styles & History

Express your musical ideas. Get equipped with the tools to create, improvise and perform music.

Creativity & Improv.

Develop a musical perception to recognise the nuances of sound, that facilitates a natural approach to learning.

Creativity & Improv.

Ensemble & recitals

Trill Route offers performance opportunities through recitals and ensembles. Gain stage experience, build confidence, showcase your talents and be part of our music community through carefully designed programs.

A concert experience crafted for the students of trill route, where they discover their musical expression and showcase their abilities.



A recital series designed to help students improve their musical skills and display their performance abilities in front of an audience.

Your personal music school on the Go

Download our app to easily get in touch, stay connected on the go and never miss an update. 

Live classes

Join interactive and engaging live classes with expert instructors, in real-time for an immersive learning experience.

Schedule sessions

Flexibility to schedule music lessons at your convenience, at any time and date that works best for you.

Learn music with us

Social learning

Connect and learn with other music enthusiasts through discussion channels, peer feedback and other collaborative learning opportunities.

Get rewarded

Progress tracking and rewards system to motivate learning, track your progress and achieve your goals. Stay motivated to practice more.

At-center experience

Discover a place where music is not only taught, but celebrated in a supportive and empowering environment that encourages growth and creativity.

Premium learning experience
Acoustically treated classrooms
Live performance venue
Integrated recording studio
State-of-the-art equipment
At the heart of Bangalore

trill route at-center

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₹950 to ₹1250 per session