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Learn at the comfort of your home.

Achieve Your Musical Goals with Trill Route's Online Program - Learn at Your Own Pace, on Your Own Schedule and with Tailored Curriculum


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Online music lessons at trill route

Unlock the full potential of your musical abilities by choosing from our wide range of instrument-specific music lessons. 

Your personal music school on the Go

Live classes

Join interactive and engaging live classes with expert instructors, in real-time for an immersive learning experience.

Schedule sessions

Flexibility to schedule music lessons at your convenience, at any time and date that works best for you.

Social learning

Connect and learn with other music enthusiasts through group sessions, peer feedback and collaborative learning opportunities.

Get rewarded

Progress tracking and rewards system to motivate learning, track your progress and achieve your goals. Stay motivated to practice more.

trill route online experience



Expert instructors


Interactive learning tools

Tailored curriculum

Join us on the 'trill route' App

Download our app to easily get in touch, stay connected on the go and never miss an update. Just enter your phone number and we’ll send you a link to download it.

Trill Route admissions involve a two-way match. The trial session allows teachers and students to discuss goals, expectations, and opportunities.