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Western Vocal Lessons
  • Western Vocal Lessons

Western Vocal Lessons

PriceFrom ₹12,000.00

Our western contemporary lessons focus on teaching students the techniques and styles used in contemporary pop, rock and other popular music genres. This includes instruction in proper breathing, pitch, tone and diction as well as techniques for adding expression and emotion to performances. 

Students will also learn about microphone techniques and stage presence. This includes instruction in music theory, songwriting and arrangement. 

The is a great plan for students who are looking to improve their skills in contemporary singing. 

  • ☑ 1:1 lessons

    ☑ 50 minutes per session

    ☑ Contemporary style curriculum 

    ☑ Pace with 1 or 2 sessions per week

    ☑ Suitable for all age groups

    ☑ Monthly catchup video call

    ☑ Intramural audition preparation

    ☑ Intramural performance grooming