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Shared music lessons provide an affordable and dynamic learning experience with a maximum of two students per class. Students benefit from personalised attention as the teacher alternates between them, addressing individual needs and fostering a supportive learning environment.

Live music lessons
Personalised attention

55 minute sessions

Contemporary curriculum


Affordable pricing

Choose your plan

Available for Ukulele, Guitar and Piano/ Keyboard lessons.

4 sessions

Trial plan for students unsure of their interests

₹ 3400

4 weeks - 1 session/ week

No makeup sessions

₹ 3400

10 sessions

Ideal for first-timers to understand their aptitude

₹ 8000

5 weeks - 2 sessions/ week

10 weeks - 1 session/ week

1 makeup session included*

₹ 8000

20 sessions

Ideal for passionate first-timers and continuing students

₹ 15000

10 weeks - 2 sessions/ week

20 weeks - 1 session/ week

2 makeup session included*

₹ 15000

30 sessions

Best value for money

₹ 21750

15 weeks - 2 sessions/ week

30 weeks - 1 session/ week

4 makeup session included*

₹ 21750

*Makeup sessions are subject to availability.
Read about our pricing policies here

How to choose a plan

Choosing a plan which is just right for you requires guidance and communication in every step of the way. There are many criteria to be kept in mind to make the right decision for your desired pace of progress and staying motivated in this journey. Please find this article as an academic guideline.

☝️ We encourage you to speak to the coordinator to check for suggestions.

Posture & technique

  • Posture and technique is a main focus to avoid strain (at times injury) to the muscles/ vocal cords for practicing students.

  • Constant correction and guidance in every class is important until the student develops “muscle memory”  to maintain a correct posture and develop a strong technique.

  • It is important to avoid longer gaps in classes which may lead to more correction time for wrongly acquired technique or wrongly interpreted content.

Progress & motivation

  • Maintaining a good pace in addition of new content is important to sustain interest of a student.

  • More sessions per week would help the teacher keep up assisted practice, intensity of practice and motivation levels. This helps the student progress consistently.

  • Taking 2 to 3 sessions would ensure a healthy pace to help the student enjoy the process of learning and avoid stagnation.

For beginners & late beginners

Recommendation: 2 sessions per week

For intermediates & late intermediates

Recommendation: 1 or 2 sessions per week

Achieving goals

  • As an intermediate student, we grasp more knowledge in a single class than a beginner. Focus should be on applying and perfecting.

  • Exploring stylistic approaches and developing a strong vocabulary is a primary goal at this level.

  • Once we gained command over our instrument, the next step is to achieve freedom and control.

For advancing students

Recommendation: 1 or 2 sessions per week

Self discovery

  • Applying the skills learnt to define one’s identity and expression is part of this journey.

  • Apart from practice, performances and collaborations with fellow musicians is a new avenue for learning.

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For any questions about association with trill route, you can get in touch with us.

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